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Lillpup Promo Want

Hi, everyone!

I have a want today that's probably going to be a long shot. ^^;

I'm looking for this English Promo -

It comes in a box set with a deck, booster packs, and Reverse Holos of Stoutland and Herdier. I'm looking to either buy/trade for Lillipup on it's own (or with Herdier and Stoutland). Or to divide the box set up with someone. I have no need for the deck...and I could possibly keep the booster packs but all I'm really interested is is the Lillipup line cards.

I think there are a few different decks you can get...I'm not sure how many combinations, but these are the pics I've found online - Link and Link2.

So! If anyone has the Lillpup (with or without Herdier and Stoutland) that they're willing to part with or would be interested in dividing up the box set with me, please let me know. ^^

Actually, while I'm doing wants, I'm also looking for these two cards:

Liepard from Freeze Bolt and Purrloin from Plasma Gale.

And I'm also looking for the Servine card from the 2012 McDonald's promotion.

~ Risha
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