Modkore (tryndamere) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some unusual 'Gets' and Wants!

Hello there! Last week, I went down our garage only to find out that my long lost box of Pokemon wasn't really lost at all!

The two pictures above consists of all the Pokemons in the box. They'll be staying inside the box for the meantime since I have no more space to display them. I'll be glad to sell these guys to you so they'll be more comfortable in their new home but I have yet to get a Sales Permission. *ahem*

My Groudon brothers! The one one the left came in the mail this week. Just in time to take picture with my long-lost Groudon. :)

My cousin from WA came to visit us last week. And as promised, she got me some Dragons! I forgot to tell her that I already have a Palkia, and she missed out getting Dialga. No worries, we will be going to WA this weekend! Yey! Hopefully we would have enough time to visit a mall with a Pokemon Center Kiosk, and hoping that Dialga would be there. *crossing my fingers*

Some more plushies I got these past two weeks. I'm planning on giving Lillipup to my sister this coming Christmas, it looks really like her Yorkie including the bell.

I also received the PKMNCOLLECTORS Bling (pathtag) earlier this week. It looks really nice! Thanks a lot akeyma !

Thanks for looking!


I also have a few WANTS:

Feraligatr Banpresto MWT = $50 shipped

Typhlosion Banpresto MWT = $50 shipped

Dragonite Banpresto 2005 Series 4 MWT = Offer

*Images are from Google

Other wants: (less priority)
Alakazam Banpresto
Cacnea Banpresto
Politoed Banpresto
Heracross Banpresto
Moltres Banpresto
Poochyena Banpresto
Roserade Banpresto
Probopass Banpresto
Porygon-Z Banpresto
Loudred Banpresto

I prefer them all to be MWT, but I don't really want to spend a big fortune on them, so please just throw me a decent offer and we will go from there.. ^_^

Thanks for looking!

Tags: banpresto, jakks, pokecen, pokedolls

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