Psychic MoonShadow (psychmoonshadow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Psychic MoonShadow

Unexpected Israeli Gets!

As I mentioned in my last post, I moved to Israel about a month ago, and have been concerned about the lack of Pokemon merch. Well, about a week ago I found out about a sci-fi/fantasy/ANIME convention going on, and went yesterday and today. :D

It was very small and modest, and mostly in Hebrew, but I must say I had a nice time at Icon! I spotted an Ash, James and trainer, and I myself donned my Poke-trainer baseball cap and Snivy plush. There wasn't really any Pokemon stuff being sold, but I got lucky at the secondhand store!

Ahhh Charizard attack kid! There were a number of kids in the box, including Regigigas, Spiritomb, Monferno, Hippopotas, and old-school Machamp and Luckitung. Only had the money for one, though, and 'Zard was both cool and the only attack kid.

On the second day, I also got a custom t-shirt made!
Custom Mew shirt photo DSC00057.jpg
EEEE I FINALLY HAVE A MEW SHIRT! And it was made specially for me. X3 I chose a shirt from the artist's stockpile and asked for a Mew in the corner, and in under 2 hours it was dry and everything! So kewt!

Anyhow, since I'm only in Israel for 5 months, I didn't bring much of my collection, just a Snivy plush and custom Poke-hat for the middle-eastern sun!
 photo DSC00032.jpg
My usually full Poke-room is pretty modest atm, but I do have a Blaziken figure in the mail. I'm really glad I've got a room to myself, so I've got extra shelf-space. :>

Meme time: show off your home-away-from-home collection! What did you bring with you? Did you find/buy anything while travelling? How do you display it (if you do at all?

Tags: charizard, kids, mew, snivy

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