Trimblecat (trimblecat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collections update!

Hey guys! So I've started my plush collecting journey. One plush of every single pokemon--no matter how big or small! I think I'm doing pretty well!
Pokemon =D
My newest additions are:
Miu the Meowth
Snivy (Who's actually going to go live with my boyfriend--shh it's a suprise ;) )
Boo, the bootleg Raichu
Factory reject Glaceon (Who's going to live with a friend of mine)
Rooski the Hasbro Raichu
Nathan the shinx (Who's my new nightly cuddle-buddy!)

I also have a Tepig pokedoll and a Drillburr Jakks plush which'll hopefully be on the way soon!


Bulbasaur is constantly in battle with Raichu to be my favorite, and as such, I want a laaaarge bulba plush. This one is claimed to be 14" by the seller but I've never seen this style of bulbasaur before. Can someone identify it's maker and/or year?

Also! Sad day! There was a lot of pokemon plushes on ebay I was after for just one pokemon that was in it-A cubone! Holy miltank, zubatman! I think it was one of the pokeball transforming plushes, but I'm having a hard time finding an image of it. So maybe next time.

So I have right now:
A Charizard, Snorlax, Raichu, Jigglypuff Hasbro plush
A Shinx toy factory plush
A Talking, applause and possibly hasbro pikachu
Whoof... long way to go!
What I'm looking for right now:
Rattata (I don't know if there is an official plush for Ratata?)

Thanks guys!
Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, cubone, glaceon, meowth, raichu, rattata, sandshrew, shinx, snivy, squirtle

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