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Big Introduction

Hello community. :) I've been a regular lurker here for about a month and I finally decided to join for real. Actually I asked to join twice. The first time a week went by and I didn't hear anything so I tried again thinking I might have miss-clicked or something. I hope I didn't bother any mods.

Along with finding the community, in the past month my pokedoll collection has grown from two to seven and I hope it keeps going, though I starting to feel guilty when I look at my bank account... I don't want to collect all the pokedolls or anything, I've just been getting the ones that I thought were exceptionally cute or are pokemon that I use in game a lot etc. Pretty much any one that when I see it's picture I get that feeling that I must have it. That's happening for an increasing amount of dolls though...

Cindaquil, Landmin and Torchic are American release, but Latias, Umbreon, and Emolga are from Japan. Umbreon is actually the 2008 or 09 minky release, which I believe is the rarer one, so I feel lucky that I have him. I'm pretty sure he knows mean-look, just look at the way he's staring... I know Swadloon's not a pokedoll, but he's just so grumpy looking. :) I really like the new mpc plush. I may have to get some more...

Lapras is actually a bootleg I got from ectransfer before I learned about such things. When she came her head flopped from side to side because there was pretty much no stuffing in her neck area. I felt sorry for the poor thing so I donned my surgeon's gloves and made an incision in the back of her neck to stuff in some cotton balls. I also sewed her ears into curls because they were previously not curled the way I thought they should be.

I think she turned out okay. Look at that adorable wavy mouth expression. And when I sit her on the incline in my bed she looks like she could be going up a mini waterfall it weird that I'm calling this a she? I just realized that...

I got this Latias from a reliable seller on e-bay (Brian-Japan or Alliul...lots of i's and l's), but it's a little off. One wing is a little higher, one tail fin is a little higher, one arm circle is at a slightly different angle. Slight factory errors?

You probably noticed the gengar tomy and the lugia soulsilver figure in with the pokedolls. Years ago, when I was little, I was on vacation at Lake George in New York. When I went to go swim in the lake I stepped on something underwater that really hurt my foot. It turned out to be this Gengar lying face down in the sand underwater. It was his tail and back spikes that got my foot. I fished him out and he's been my favorite figure ever since. Gengar also happens to be the first pokemon I ever got to level 100 in my red version; I even did it without any rare candys because my neighbor said if I used a rare candy it would evolve back into Haunter (I was young and naive). So anyway, that's why Gengar's kind of special to me (hence the userpic), though for some reason I don't feel the need to collect all his merchandise. The one figure's enough for me.


Here's another booty I got at the same time as the Lapras. I really wanted the recalled Kyogre plush but those are impossible to find so I thought I settled for the medium one. Other than a few UFO strings and minor stitching errors he seems fine. he's so soft and cuddly and floppy too. I'm pretty happy with him anyway, but I might still get the recall plush some day.


Here's my small collection of Tomy figures. I remember going to the dollar store and buying them every time I got allowance until the store said they weren't going to stock them anymore. That was a sad day. I think I'm going to try to get one for every Pokemon in the 1st and 2nd generation, since I already have some from those.


These are some other figures I have. The Totodile, Entei, and Pichu I know are from Poptarts boxes. I remember eating tons of Poptarts and having my mom buy bunches of boxes so I could find all of them. Pichu was the hardest to get and Entei was the easiest. We got sooo many Enteis. I remember them being everywhere, but I only have the one now... I don't know about the others. They all have some kind of hole in the bottom of them maybe for pencils? I think the Bulbasaur was from a pokeball though. The Nidoking says Tomy on him but has a hole, so I guess Tomy made pencil toppers as well as regular figures?


These are tiny figures that I got years ago from those machines at the end of some stores where you put in a quarter and turn the nob and a capsule comes out. The tiny mew used to be in a bouncy ball, but for some reason I cut him out of it. The Nidoran female marble has been in my marble collection for a while now. I can't remember how I got it. It's got a little star though, I don't know if that's significant.


Here's some coins I have. The Unknown one is interesting, it shows all the Unknown, what letters they represent, a picture of Pikachu and the Pichu brothers, and the 3rd movie logo all in one coin. I used to use it when I was trying to catch all the Unknown in the games. I really love the Kyogre 3D coin, but it's got a little dent and discoloration which makes me sad. At least the spot isn't on the Kyogre.


I also have quite the card collection. I stopped collecting right around the beginning of the third generation and I only have a handful of third gen cards; so this whole book is from maybe the first few 3rd gen releases and before.
It's kind of impossible to show all of them, but here's a few. The shining Mewtwo, I think is the rarest I ever pulled from a pack. It's got three stars for it's rarity. Another one of my favorites is the ancient Mew. It's covered in cool hieroglyphic like writing and is holographic all over! The Rocket's Snorlax made me remember how my neighbor ripped it up and threw the pieces all over our driveway one day and my other neighbor and I found all the pieces and put it back together. I even have some cards in German, though I don't know why. For example, this "Kangama".


I found these in the pocket of my card binder. The e-reader cards are interesting. I never had an e-reader, so I don't know how they work. Looks like I never opened them. The mystery dungeon stickers are kind of bent. I'm going to put them under a heavy book and see what happens.

This is the longest post ever, but I had fun looking through all my stuff and reliving the memories of how I got them, etc. Hope you guys enjoyed it too if you managed to read all of this. I'm looking forward to participating in this community. It seems like a great place and I love seeing everyone's collections grow. Until next time!

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