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Corsola, Qwilfish, Staryu and Starmie Collections!

Hello community!
Just a little collection update since I never really went though these collections in my latest collection update:

Okay! Here is a picture of those 4 collections all in one.
Yup, pretty small hu? Well, theres alot more merchandise of Corsola, Staryu and Starmie I still need, but Qwilfish, not so much. 

Here are my Corsola plushies :D
The one on the left is a Banpresto which I got as a freebie (A huge thanks to gsc_fanboy!)
The shiny one is a custom art trade from my good friend/fellow Qwilfish Collector, orangey_blue :D
(And so is the Corsola art in the background that I painted and she made the lineart)

Here is my Shiny Painted Corsola Kid (By me) Corsola Zukan with a beach scene base (Painted by me aswell :3) and Corsola Candy Figure!

Moving onto Qwilfish:
Here you can see my Qwilfish Tomy, Kid Figure, Custom "Sir" Qwilfish Plushie made by the amazing herar, and custom sculpture made by an artist on deviantART. 

Last, is my super tiny Staryu and Starmie Collection.
As you can see, there is a gunmetal(?) Staryu Metal figure and a Misty/Stayu Metal figure (God why did I spend so much on this little thing)
And, a stack of Staryu and Starmie cards.

You can tell I'm missing a few, but I do have the majority of the cards :D!
Sweet Arceus I'm loving that Rumble art!
(You can also see how messy my desk is :D)

Now, time for some wants!
Even though I do have a wants list, doesn't mean I can afford it all right now, so leave me an offer on what you have for me :D
Qwilfish ZukanQwilfish Zukan Piece

Qwilfish TQwlfish Trozei Sticker

Qwilfish Dex Charm

Corsola Pokedoll

Corsola Happy Mascot Plush

Corsola Reversible Tomy Plush

Corsola Kid

Corsola TCG Figure

CorsolaCorsola Dive(?) Ball Keychain

Corsola2Corsola Pokedoll Stickers

Corsola TCorsola Trozei Sticker

Pokemon Time Corsola Spiral Notebook

Pokemon Time Corsola Clear File

Pokemon Time Corsola Candy Tin

Corsola Dex Charm

Staryu Hasbro Beanie Plush
Staryu/ Starmie Zukan
Both Clear and Regular Kids
Staryu 151 Badge
Staryu Metal Figure (All colors but the one I already have please)
Staryu Stamp-thingy

BK Plush
Starmie Clipping Figure
Starmie Battle Musem Figure
Starmie Gym Leader Playset
Starmie Stamp-Thingy
Starmie Kid Figure

Thanks for reading!

Harmless Commissions Plug:
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