caffwin (caffwin) wrote in pkmncollectors,

in-case figure GA update

I would like to apologize to all participants of me and saberalter's in-case GA as well as thank you guys for being so patient with things.

Even though most people sent their first payments very quickly, unfortunately a couple people have still not paid me which is why things have been dragged on for so long. In the past, I've usually waited until I got the last payment in, but I am having difficulty even getting a hold of one of them so I think it may be time to move on. The amount owed isn't actually that substantial, so despite the last couple missing payments and a bit of a loss on my part, I have gone ahead and requested shipping because it would just not be fair to make everyone who has paid wait any longer. Please get ready for payment 2 when I am invoiced in the next week or two. :)

Thanks again guys!

Tags: group auction

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