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Zekroms galore GA payment 3! So many unpictured extras :o

Boring picture as a reminder to which GA I am talking about:

The box is in, and I am having the problem moving round my room since it's so huge! (although my room is very small but w/e)
Bad news and good news!

Bad news is, some figure suffer slight paint rubs, but should be rather easy to clean off. And some figures are so big and I have to use boxes, hence the high shipping for a few of you ;-;

Good news is, EXTRAS! While I was aware that the seller mentioned about unpictured items, I wasn't expecting THAT MANY of them. The unclaimed item is like twice as many as claimed ones.

At the moment, please DO NOT request anything if you are not a participant since the majority of these aren't visible so GA participants gets priority. I will make another post when they are available to non GA participants later.

******* IMPORTANT! ***********
Please make sure you read everything before requesting any extras/ sending payments, as there's a lot of items and I want to keep it as organised as possible.

About shipping:
Spreadsheet with total: here 
Shipping is via airmail from Hong Kong and includes paypal fees and cost of packing materials. It takes 1-3 weeks depending on where you live. Please note that I won't be able to ship next week, but these should all go to the PO not later than 20nd October.
Please note that I cannot be responsible for damaged or lost packets, so please add $2 for registered mail with tracking if you have any concern!
When sending payment, please make sure your address is correct on paypal. If you are not sure whether it's right or not, say so in the memo, send me a pm with your correct address. Please remember to send payment as "goods".
All payments goes to: swadloon[at]ymail[dot]com
Please include in BOTH THE TITLE AND MEMO [Zekrom Galore GA][Payment 3][your username], and if you pay for tracking please include that too. (I don't care what format you use but make sure you make it clear what GA it is and payment 3 and your username)
Obviously, do not send payment if you are requesting extras :P

About requesting extras:
The price for these extras already includes any increase to shipping and fees, hence the high price for bigger/ heavier items. All claims are final! If you only want something if only something else is available, please say so first. You can request as many items as you want but if you can think about other GA fellows that have yet to choose freebies that would be greatly appreciated (: 

When requesting, please include the picture number, items wanted and calculate the total cost for the extras. Failure to do so and I will probably ignore your comment D:

Sorry for the text, now to the extras! Foogus kids as size reference and please use right click -> View image to enlarge pictures!
If you see some of these already taken, either me or my cohost miss10 have claimed those :P

Picture #1 Zekrom Cushion (about 2 feet tall) - have to send separately from other packages due to the size unless you want me to cut a seam and emptied out the stuffing. Just pay shipping. Shipping is $14 to the US.
Potentially taken but feel free to inquire.


Picture #2 - DX banpresto Munna - $8 (due to high shipping), Mienfoo MPC - $3. Both have tush tags and hang tags.

Pciture #3 Tomy Spinny bases - $0.2 each (basically just the shipping), please specify if you have preference or the colour or I will just throw in a random one
Taken: purple

Picture #4 :Two bigger Golurks (zukan), Palkia: $2 each
Everything else: $1 each
Taken: Big Kyurem, axew, braviary, tyranitar

Picture #5 : $0.5 each
Taken: Sandile, all croagunks, axew

Picture #6: Zekrom toy thing - $2.5
Everything else: $1.5 (The Get thing comes with the pokeball I think...?)

Taken: Excadrill, pikachu kids, 

Picture #7: $1 each
Green mini slot machine features snivy line, black is reshiram and zekrom, white is oshawott line

Taken: Oshawott line slot machine

Picture #8: $1 each for the pepsi figures and the musketeers/ kyurems in package things
$0.5 each for everything else

Taken: White kyurem and Virizion in package thing, Emolga with pokedex chian, emolga pepsi strap, golurk with flame strap

Picture #9 : $2.5 each

Picture #10: $0.5 each
Coin list: Black Fraxure x 2, gold Dwabble, black Yamask x 2, silver tranquil, black samurott x 2, silver serperior x 1, black scraggy x 1, silver munna, silver pansage x 2, black pansear

Also taken: Cobalion badge, samurott badge

Picture #11 - metal keychains, the back side is pokedex-like (plain silver) : $1 each
Taken: Both Meloettas, Keldeo

Picture #12: $0.5 per Magnet (one free pokeball per magnet, specify if you have a preference on what pokeball you want)

Picture #13: $0.5 each, same as above

Picture #14: Poster thing for all pokemon from 5 gens. $2.5 each as I have to add cardboard backing and uses a much bigger mailer for these :/
Two taken.

Picture #15: Both taken actually, sorry ^^;

Picture #16: Remote Control Zekrom, haven't tested since I don't have the battery but I assume it works. $16 since adding this means you need a box and it's heavy :S

Picture #17:
big ones in the last row: (mouth opened one - makes sound when turned on) - $16 as this has to be shipped in a box too 
(Mouth closed one - soft vinyl figure) - $6
everything else: $1 each

Picture #18: The 4 bigger ones are $2 each and everything else is $0.5 each

Taken: Lanyard

P.S. If someone wants to take all Zekroms from picture #17 - #18 (and/or other zekrom things) I would be grateful, feel free to shoot me an offer :P


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