Pokéborg (ibburger) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Beast wants: Raikou and Entei Keshipokes and Chou Gets

I was finally going to buy keshipokes of Raikou and Entei today. I already bought Suicunes a couple of months ago, but I wanted the full sets :) But - AnimeRaro had sold out of set 9 because I had waited too long :S

So does anyone have one  they could sell me? I know Polevault-Brian's are a bit more pricy than AnimeRaro's so I wanted to check with you guys before buying his :) 

These are the ones, just exclude Suicune :) But, speaking of Suicune, does yours stand on 3 legs because one is shorter than the others? :P I always wondered if that was normal for that figure.

beast trio-keshipokedp9

I'm also looking for Raikou and Entei's Chou Get's if anyone happens to have them :D

Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend <3 

(PS. hope my picture isn't huuge, please tell me if it is! I haven't figured out who's website the pic is from, all I know is that "Sacred Field" is a wonderful place :) If they're yours please tell me if I should remove it)

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