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Lots of MPC GA Final Payment Due!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to say that I've calculated the shipping for this GA, and they should be on their way to you very soon! Please look at the payment info below and follow the instructions very carefully. Not following the instructions may lead to your payment being refunded and other problems. ):
-When you send the payment, please put either your username or the items you won in the memo. Putting "payment for GA" or leaving a blank memo just leads to lots of frustrations as I don't know who is paying what. If this happens, I'll refund your payment.
-You must mark the payment as "goods". Payments marked as gifts or anything else will result in your payment being promptly refunded. 
-If you need extra time to pay, please tell me! I'm a lenient person and won't leave neutral or negative feedback if you manage to tell me in advance, but having me hunt you down and saying "sorry, I don't have the money right now" a week after this post isn't okay. ):
-These packages don't include tracking or insurance. If you'd like to have it on your package, please let me know and I'll be more than happy to add it to your total.
-Please send payment to lonewolffxt(at)hotmail(dot)com within 48 hours. Please do it? It makes life easier for everyone!
Read the rules? I hope so. Now, without further ado, here is the spreadsheet.

Please comment here or PM me with any questions! I'm glad this GA was a success!

I took a less blurry picture of our lovelies! Here you go! 

EDIT: The 48 hour deadline has passed, but I still haven't received payment from many of you. If you know you haven't paid, please see your inbox, as I have PMed all non-payers. I'm giving non-payers an additional 24 hours before negative feedback is left. ):
Tags: group auction, mpc

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