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Toda GA Payment 2 and Extras!

Hey there guys!~ So, here are the payment 2 totals for anyone involved in the Toda GA! I know I said I was going to post this last Tuesday/Wednesday, but a lot of personal issues came up... If you're terribly concerned as to what happened, you have the right to PM me if you are a GA member.

I have a lot of text with notes to you guys and rules on how to send payment 2, so please read everything carefully!


A few points/rules I'd like to address to GA members:
Clair2522, o_0digitizdx_x, raikourai, risha_moon : I do not have boxes for your packages, so I calculated the prices by the weight of your packages, plus 1 oz for an assumed weight of a box (though it'll probably be more than that), and $2 for the box. If the boxes end up costing less, I will refund you guys (unless it's like a .20 difference or something, if that's okay with you guys). If more, I will cover the extra costs.

Everyone else: For a lot of you, I had used packaging. If you do not want this, let me know, and I will calculate your new total. My only issue is that there are two other stores in town that typically have mailers, but usually they do not carry a large variety, and the post office's price of $2-3 is kind of a rip-off sometimes... I will do my best to find a new one that fits though! Those of you with new mailers listed, those are mailers I already have, so I did not add any extra cost.

If prices look terribly wrong to you, let me know! I'm afraid my nervous breakdown from Wednesday may have made me mess up totals.. I double-checked everything, but still a little worried that something might have slipped..

Enough talk, onto payment 2 details!

Please send payment to areica96[at]yahoo[dot]com, send as a Goods payment, Inlcude "GA PAYMENT 2" in the subject of the memo, and your username in the body section of the memo. This is so I can make sure I don't screw up addresses. >.> Also, please comment here to let me know once you send payment.

Packages will be shipped in order of who paid first in the event that I have to make multiple trips. Payment is due within 48 hours of this post, but I will be lenient since I took so long to post this. If you need an extension  please let me know! Expect your packages shipped within 3-7 business days after you send payment, since I need to wait until PayPal transfers the money to my bank account. If you want feedback, let me know in your comment here so I can go leave some~ I would also love feedback in return once you get your items, and so would my awesome co-host!~


-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-My home is dog-friendly
-I use USPS for shipping. If you would like tracking/insurance with your package, please let me know. I am not responsible for items once they have been shipped out.
-If an item is crossed out, that means it has already been sold.
-Please ask for additional photos of an item if you are concerned of its condition.
-When inquiring about an item, I will hold it for up to 24 hours, then it will be moved on to the next person who has inquired. If you need a longer hold on an item, please let me know.
-Prices do not include shipping or PayPal fees unless otherwise noted.
-I try to ship within a week of payment going through. I will reply to you letting you know when I have shipped your item.
-For non-GA members, there is a $1 minimum purchase before shipping/PayPal fees.

photo (89)
Money Trio Poster (has creases and a tear): $10

photo (90)
Tins: $1 each
Dialga chou gets?: .50 each, clear one has no peg
Gameboy Viewer (can list the Pokemon if you'd like): .50
Pansage strap x2: $.50
photo (91)
Charmander (rubber?) ornament: $2
Electabuzz, Dialga, Zoroark: $1
Togepi gold card: $1
Pansage stamp, pansage gamepiece: .50
Palkia.. thing: .25
photo (92)
Old sticker lot: $2
Everything here with Giratina on it: .50 each
Jesse/James/Butterfree sticker: .50
Tiny pansage sticker, Pikachu sticker, Poliwhirl sticker: .25
photo (93)
Custom Goldeen Card: $2
TCG coins, Fraxure metal coin: .50 [SOLD: Munchlax, ON HOLD: Chansey, Cranidos]
Haunter 151 pin: $4
Random base piece: free with purchase [HOLD]

photo (94)
Mexican pogs: .50 each
ON HOLD: Kabutops, Corphyish, Muk

photo (95)
Pidgeot Championship card: $.50 [HOLD]
Espeon EX Championship card: $7
First edition foreign (Korean? Chinese?) cards: $.50 each, there are multiples!
photo (96)
Mexican pogs: .50 each

photo (97)
Mexican pogs/coins: .50 each
ON HOLD: Kabuto, Red Grimer

photo (98)
Arceus Jumbo Cards: $2 each, one sold

photo (99)
Starter Set: $3
I think it has everything included? I will double-check for anyone interested in buying.

photo (100)
McDonalds Tepig with no card x2: $1 each
Ghost type airplane: $1
Giratina sticker sheet that it upside-down: .50
Zubat Applause: $1
Pansage MPC, Simisear MPC: $5 each
Gyarados BK: $2, kinda dirty

Jakks Tepig MWT, Charizard beanie: $5

All TCG are .15 each

photo (45)
photo (46)
photo (47)
photo (48)
photo (49)
photo (50)
photo (57)
photo (58)
photo (59)
photo (60)
photo (61)


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