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Tomy Collection Extras & Wants!

I'm new to the community so I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Dylan and I've loved Pokemon for almost as long as I can remember. I started "collecting" about a month ago even though I've had toys and games since they were first released. I've recently been on a quest to acquire the first two generations of Tomy Pokemon figures, and that's what brings me to livejournal. I wanted to show you all what extras I have that are still decent, and tell you about the ones I need to finish my collection. I DO NOT have sales permission. So to start, these are the figures I have lying around.

These are the extras I've acquired since I've been collecting the first 250 Tomy figures.
These ^ are all in very good condition, near mint condition with no major signs of wear or markings. Mankey has a very small paint chip off his right hand and the Mew in the back is in perfect condition except for what appears to be hot glue on his head. It looks like he fell in it, but I was afraid to try to remove it. Hitmonchan sometimes doesn't want to stand. All are Tomy. The Mew, Goldeen, and Mewtwo in the front are Auldey Tomy. (I strongly thought about putting them in my collection because they're AULDEY! But in the end, I have a stonger emotional attachment to the ones my parents bought me years ago :) )

These ^ are in good condition, but have been showed some love over the years. Some are worse than others bot nothing too serious. A scuff here, a run there, except Doduo. I forgot to put him in the first picture. He has a black mark under his base, but other than that he's great. The rest have there own stories i.e. Ivysaur has red edges on his leaves, Kangaskhan had a chip in the paint, one Venonat won't stand, ect. All are in pretty fair condition. Again all are Tomy. Raichu and Meowth are Auldey Tomy.

And last but not least is the bad bag ^ lol. These are a mix of Tomy and Auldey Tomy with multiple scuffs, missing paint, and what appears to be mew's orange wig. (sharpie maybe) I plan on painting them all shining and putting them with my collection. I'll update pics when I get done, though I probably won't start for a while. I also have a restoration project with broken Tomy figures missing arms, tails, ect. I'm molding new parts with clay, BUT since it's hard to identically mold a part and paint it perfect they will all be personalized Pokemon. (Non shiny but individual paint scheme fanfic Pokemon) I'm excited about this. Pictures when I'm done, whenever that will be lol.

Gen 1
-Beedrill (bidding)
-Nidoran Female (bidding)
-Nidoran Male
-Rhyhorn (I think mine is bootleg)
-Pinsir (I think mine is bootleg)
-Kabuto (bidding)

Gen 2
-Porygon 2
-Raiku (bidding)
-Suicune (bidding)
-Larvitar (bidding)
-Pupitar (bidding)

-Mime Jr.
Thanks guys for making my first PKMNCOLLECTORS post awesome! :)
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