Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I freaking love Gachapons

I went out with my husband the other day, and the thing I love most about going out to Korean malls is the Gachapons.

And here they are from another angle!

Ahhhh the itty bitty kittyyyyyy

I love the Purrloin Zukan. I'm so happy i got it. I was hoping for the Piggies but nope, got two of the Kami Trio.

The pokeballs are really cool. They're actually picture viewers.

One has Snivy line/Pidove line

Things are about to get a little...UNFEAZANT

The other ball had Axew/Tepig lines

There was also a Masterball with legendaries, and a great ball with Scraggy and I don't remember what else. I only remember the Scraggy because I gave it to Gleameyesluxray because Scraggy.

Aside from the two phone charms shown, I also got an Oshawott, but he's hanging out on my cellphone. Say hi Oshawott!

My phone is also my camera, so yeah.

The stamps are pretty cool too.

That darned Audino stamp keeps eluding me. Not particularly caring about the Pika stamp, but that Audino ;_;


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