pokemontrader (pokemontrader) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants + Update

Sorry all that I haven't been posting the Card News, there hasn't been a whole lot of stuff revealed aside from a few new cards from the Dragon Vault set. Once the new set(s) start being released more and more, I'll have updates on that :)

In personal news I got a box of Plasma Gale and pulled some wicked cards. Cobalion EX, Lugia EX, Ace Spec Something Or Other and a Blastoise Shiny :3 I'll probably only trade for my wants/Skyla FA.

My Wants:

New Pokemon Center Nagoya Charms!

Pokemon Center Nagoya Pin

Pokemon Center Nagoya Card Sleeves/Deckbox

Is this a clearfile? If so I want it too xD

Low Want: Nagoya Plush

Pokemon Center Osaka Charms

Pokemon Center Fukuoka Charms

Pokemon Center Sapporro Charms

Charms are my main wants

Then the Nagoya merch :)

I probably will buy the charms as a set, but I might buy the individual ones too!

Always after Kids Promos Sealed (From the 15th Anniversary, the cards)
Legends/Primes/LvXs/exs (old ones) for Pokemon Cards

That is all!

Everyone enjoy munching on turkey this weekend!


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