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Plates, bookmark, and Charizard doubles sales

Hello everybody! I just recently moved to a new house, so I am weeding out the doubles that I have of my precious Charizards! Some of these doubles were intentionally purchased, and some by accident because I didn't bother to look at what I was missing. XD I also have some Christmas plates for sale as well as a Pokemon Time Gengar bookmark. I want them all to go to good homes!

Before you continue, some important info! Please read!

*Sales permission was granted on 03/10/11 by denkimouse.

*My feedback is located here.

*I reserve the right to not sell to anybody I have had a bad experience with in the past or to those who have more than 3 negative feedback when it comes to being a bad buyer!

*All prices are in USD.

*I ship from Texas!

*I do ship internationally!

*If you are unsure how much shipping will be, ask for a quote before committing to buy. Please get back to me if you are going to pass! If 24 hours go by without a response, I will put the item back up for sale or sell it to the next person who displayed interest.

*The plates and the TFG figure will be shipped in boxes because of how fragile they are!

*Items comes from a pet friendly home! I will be sure to clean the items before I ship them out.

*No more holds unless you are committing to buy! If you ask for a hold, I take it you are committing to buy! If you ask for a hold and say "never mind" days later or never get back to me 3 days after 1 reminder, I will leave negative feedback! I can extend the time of holding an item if you keep in contact with me.

*However, if you want me to hold for a friend, I am willing to do that. Be sure to let me know if they are committing to buy or if they are going to pass! I will not hold if they are unsure. I will only give 24 hours for them to get back to me otherwise I am putting it back for sale or selling it to the next person who displays interest.

*I am not looking to trade right now.

*Haggling is okay, but be reasonable when haggling!

*That's all! <3

-Both Christmas plates are $10 each! Or take them both for $14.

-Gengar bookmark is $1 Sold!

-Charizard TFG is $10

-Charizard keychain? I am not sure! He has a chain on his back. He is not in the best condition so he is $2.

-Charizard Chocoball figure is $10

-Clear Charizard kid is not in the best condition. His belly is covered in paint marks as if the factory did a bad job on him. He is $8.

-Charizard kid is $4

-Charizard 151 badge out of packet is $10

-Charizard eraser is not in best condition and has some black marks on him. He is 50 cents.

-OR, take all these Charizards for $25. :D

Due to lack of interest, I am cancelling selling these Charizards on the community and will be sold on ebay in a large lot of things I need gone. ^^;


EDIT: You can buy both the plates and all the zards together as a cheap lot (they are still sold individually if you so desire, and I will drop the lot price if more items are sold). I just want them all gone to good homes!
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