dtrain4eva (dtrain4eva) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Nintendo World Store Launch Party!

Hi everyone! I just came back from the Nintendo Store Launch Party! All in all it was a pretty cool event. A bit low key but there was was still things to do. I got a couple of cool things when I bought my game so Im looking to sell them. The store also updated with 2 new pokedolls! I'll be doing pickups for them if anyone is interested as well as other pokedolls they have. Also took one pic inside the store!

Photoshoot with Tepig, Snivy, Oshawott!

Bag: $20
Poster: $10 17X11 IN
Preview Guide: $7 (talks about BW2 and has the comic of the BW2 trailer)

DS Case: $15 (Front+Back) *I only have a DS which fits comfortably inside, Im pretty sure the DSXL is too big to fit :(*

Keldeo+Melotta Pokedolls!

Each Keldeo+Melotta pokedoll will be $20+ shipping. U.S. shipping will be $2. International shipping will be $5. Each additional pokedoll will be $2 added to your total cost.

Sales plug+additional pokedolls :)

Tags: keldeo, pokedolls, sales

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