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May Collection Update pt. 2


Hi everyone! I got a few more May items so here's another update c:

First up, May Keychain! Boy I'm happy to finally have this item. espie originally found this in a Y!J lot with a bunch of keychains, it just popped up when it arrived by chance. I really can't thank you enough, Espie! I never thought I'd obtain this figure--much less in MIP condition and with Torchic--so I'm super happy to finally have her in my collection. c:


She's very tiny! Fits right on the smallest Zukan base.


I was really happy with the amount of detail put in the pose, even for a Gachapon:


Next up, a set of very nice stickers from skittyfan! Now you might be asking - what's the big deal with a sticker sheet? Well, if you collect Humans or pretty much any Hoenn merch, you'll probably found that they suffer from the "same-pose syndrome". May is really no exception: from almost any kind of flat item featuring her and even the keychain/diorama, they all have the same face and stance...

... So you can imagine my happiness when finding her in a different pose!


I was also happy to see Max getting some attention.

They even made a little sketch for it c:

Finally, some other Hoenn stickers from tofu256. All of them are very nice, and it's cool to get some Team Magma/Aqua stuff!

Thanks for reading!


Finally some wants. I have decided I'd like to finish up my collection with Ash & Co's Pokemon from the Advanced Generation series. If anyone is selling these Zukan sets please contact me!

Also: I have been wanting to try and get some figures with dynamic bases and noticed that both Chocoball and Attack figures had these. So first, a question: does anyone have a complete list of Pokes made into these two lines? And are there Gachapon figures with complex bases outside of these two series?

And second, some wants. If anyone has these I'd love to purchase them from you!

Swampert Chocoball / Lotad Chocoball / Mew Chocoball / "Maxi collection battle Legendery Battles" Skitty Figure

(Are there more of these chocoball figures with the water base?)

I'm also looking to buy any figures with complex/creative bases like this, so feel free to post something if I'm missing it!
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