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Pokemon Books, Plates, and Pumpkins! Oh my!

I haven't posted here in quite a while. :( i actually haven't been here looking around either. i just end up busy with things and i stay away because if i don't, i end up finding things i want and my wallet and i are not friends right now. :(
ANYWAY, on to the goodies. i have NY Pokmon Center plates up for auction, i have two cute Japanese pokemon books up for auction, and BEAD SPRITE Pikachu pumpkins(cute!). click below for a look and all the info:D


Important Info!
*Granted Sales permission July or August 2008 (don't remember exact date since i have been here since 2008.....)
*OLD Feedback:
*NEW Feedback:
*I ship all items from the USA.
*Shipping; please leave your zip code and i will let you know how much shipping will be.
*I have 2 cats, but my items are stored where most dust and cat hair cannot get to them. i will check the items before they go out though. (but a cat hair or two may still be on the item. those things are tricky! just a warning to anyone who is allergic)
*I WILL hold items, just let me know for how long.
*My paypal address is doglover216[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please include your LJ name and purchase in the note.
*I ship on Saturdays. (i can be a slow shipper.....i don't drive, so it is up to my mom when we go. sometimes she gets held up at work, so i cannot most of the time go during the week. that is why i say Saturdays are my shipping day)
*Feel free to haggle, but i reserve the right to say no. but you can try;)
*I am NOT responsible if items are damaged or lost in the mail. You can pay extra for insurance, just let me know if you want it.


Got these plates off of ebay. all in fantastic shape(no chips or marks. i don't think they where ever used or maybe not even displayed). they are ceramic. will ship well wrapped in a bubble wrap and in a bubble wrap envelope. i will ship in a box if requested, but it will up the shipping costs. the picture below the plates is the back.

EACH Plate starts at $6 (Sparky kid there for size reference only)

AUCTION ENDS: SATURDAY OCTOBER 13TH 11:59 PM Arizona time (all pokemon collectors auction rules apply!)


2) Books

Got these books at a used bookstore called Halfprice Books. they where quite the find! in the clearance area down on the bottom of a bookshelf. they could have easily been over looked. i have no idea what they say, but i can tell one is a comic like book and the other is a mini guide to Pokemon White.

EACH Book starts at $5


3) Pumpkins

Thought of this idea the other day. i haven't seen anyone else do this before(not saying i am the first one, but i haven't seen anyone recently do this....). i think they turned out pretty cute:) all 3 below are for sale and i can make more!

the top left one is a more "pumpkin orange" and i have the "regular" orange. the one on the bottom has yellow for it's features because i thought that was like the candle light coming through if it was a carved pumpkin:) the top right one has glow in the dark beads for it's features! it glows pretty well in the dark. i will try to post a picture later of what it looks like in the dark. 

they are $4 each and i can add magnets on the back for a $1 more:)


That's it! hope everyone is well and has a great rest of the weekend! :D

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