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shipping question

Hi everyone, I just have some quick questions about shipping.

A few weeks ago I had a sales post that included a lot of charms/flats, so all packages were shipped out in regular, flat, white envelopes (this was also stated in my rules). From previous buying experience, I received flats/charms in perfect condition when mailed in a flat envelope. And when I talked to other members for advice, they also said I should just ship them in regular envelopes. I've also had some buyers in the past who request that the charms be shipped in envelopes, and I usually pay attention to the packaging I use. But so far I've gotten PMs from 2 buyers saying that their stickers/charms were damaged upon receiving them. So I guess my question is ---- is it okay to ship small items/flats in regular envelopes? Shipping is definitely a lot cheaper and the items are usually pretty cheap themselves, but I feel bad hearing that the items were damaged. And there are some people who aren't willing to pay more shipping fees for more protection. Also, if the item is damaged, is the seller responsible for refunding the money? I'm usually good about packaging/protection so this hasn't happened to me before. And although it's only 2 envelopes so far I would like to avoid any mistakes in the future, so any advice is appreciated!!

that being said, my sales post is still open if anyone is interested in charms, stickers, and other flats! ^^ (I will definitely take extra caution with packaging!;;;;)

edit: thanks for the help everyone! if you have bought from my september sales and are unhappy with anything regarding shipping please let me know so I can improve my future sales, thank you!
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