colocho_robotto (colocho_robotto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Cosplaying tomorrow? (or today?)

Hey everyone :D  I'm just finishing my cosplay for tomorrow's launch party of Pokemon Black and White 2 here in Guatemala City. I'm going crazy @___@  but I wanna do something cool :D  the first place price for the cosplay contest is a Nintendo 3DS XL, and I want it bad! XD  2nd or 3rd wouldn't be bad either XD they gave a copy of the game in the launch of Black & White.

This is my White Kyurem hat, what do you think?
White Kyurem Hat

Is anyone else going to cosplay for the launch? :D  I'd like to know what kind of activities happen in other countries for this kind of event.  I've been reading that there's some midnight events (that's SO cool) and also some events happened today, a hole day early, I'm jealous XD. 
I'll share some pics of the event tomorrow ^^
Tags: white kyurem

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