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BW2 bonus update + Reintroduction and a question~

Hey there, all! I know it's been a while since I've made a post on here... by the way, why not quickly reintroduce myself!

I'm Juuchan, I've been on here for over a year, and I've been a big fan of Pokemon from the get-go - the anime, the cards, the plush - I was in it. I did fall out of it after Crystal come out, but once Gen IV arrived, I've been back in ever since. I'm mainly a collector of the Lake Trio [which happen to be from Gen IV, surprisingly! My favorite is Mesprit, by the way!], but I've also grown fond of Shaymin [land forme], Tepig and Victini [to name a few] . People-wise, I am a big fan of the Hoenn Frontier Brains and Team Galactic [I like Plasma too, but it's a fondness, that's all. XD], and other Pokemon stuff-wise, I like the obscure games, such as Trozei, Pokemon Puzzle League and Pokemon Pinball RS [and the interactive Hey You, Pikachu game], and the other manga that's not Pokemon Special [AKA Pokemon Adventures; although the series is really good too].

Anywho, I thought that with Black 2 and White 2 coming out today [literally, today - it's past midnight here!] and as a response to this post, I'd let you guys and gals know of the bonuses that are out here for today's release! [in the USA at least - 10/8 - now EDITED with some for the rest of the week!]

Okay, so it's just this one for now...

TRU ad
[snagged from the online ad on the main site]

So, the Toys R Us Bonus is confirmed - Hurrah! This lasts until Saturday, 10/13, in the US, so with the end of the Jakks line of Pokemon merch approaching, now is a great time to get both the new BW2 game and a little something to remember Jakks by for a cheap price [or some TCG cards - whatever tickles your fancy!]! I know I won't resist buying something extra!

Plus that collectable coin... I should have a pic to post later in the day if I end up getting one; they do say online that it's in limited supply in stores, but I hope to get one to go with my copy of White 2! I missed out on one of the exclusive bonuses once at TRU by a minute back when HGSS came out, so I'm not taking any chances this time around!

EDIT [10/8]: The collectable coin is the same as the AU preorder! Thanks, miracleseed!

I haven't heard anything about the other stores at all [mainly Target, Best Buy, Walmart and Gamestop - they're the only ones near me that usually do things with game bonuses], but the Genesect download starts today! [lawl, plugging...!] I may or may not learn about any other bonuses, but I'll try to find some!

EDIT [10/8]: Other bonuses either I and/or some of you guys have found:
Nintendo World - BW2 scarf [to first 1,000 buyers on Saturday for early release - are obviously all gone], BW2 drawstring bag and DS case [are all gone - Thanks, neko_dono250!] and BW2 preview guide
Toys 'R' Us - Collectible coin [depending on which game you get - limited qualities] and 70% discount on either any Pokemon item or any video game under $19.99; some may have the BW2 preview guide for free as well.
Target - $5 gift card for early preorder [only if you preordered back in... June? O__O Thanks, bluehyaku!]
GameStop - It varies, but most have nothing more than the BW2 preview guide [Thanks, majoradrakken!] and a 20% discount when you buy the guide book [either the regular or the collector's edition - this is for all games apparently]. Some stores may also have extra Keldeo posters left over from the Keldeo promotion to give away. [Thanks, zoroark!]
Walmart - None, unfortunately.
Best Buy - None so far.
Amazon - Unknown, but it's probably none.

Also, I plan to be posting about a bit more this month, thanks to finishing up my first big term paper and other RL business. I'll also have a collection update and my first real sales post as early as this week, so look forward to it!

I do have a question about shipping internationally that has boggled me for a while: about how much is it to send flats using a regular envelope [letter-sized at the smallest]? I have a lot of small flats that I plan on selling, so I'd like to know about this before I post my sales so I can open my sales to everyone! Thanks in advance! Answered! Thanks, akeyma!

Have a great rest of your weekend, everybody~!
- Juuchan
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