areica96 (areica96) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So I picked up Black 2 and White 2 Today.. Oh yeah, and Toda GA Payments

..And being the collector that I am, I went right when they opened so I could get their promotional display stuff...

photo (62)
Awwww yeahh. XD Anyone else here getting the display stuff?

I was actually the second person there. But the lady who was first didn't ask for the display stuff. YES!!

Enough of that. I have a quick reminder I want to stick out there. I still have some extras from the Toda GA, click here to go look at 'em.

Also, to raikourai I have not heard anything from you, and I need some kind of notification by tonight. If you can't pay, it's all good, just let me know so I don't think you've disappeared on me! I'll be sending a PM in a few hours if this post doesn't seem to get your attention. ^^; If you have notified me and I somehow missed it (highly possible since I've gotten almost 100 messages within the past two days..) just remind me. XD

Everyone else I've heard from, thanks so much guys! Almost everything is already packaged up, except for a few exceptions.~ <3

You can see some of the packages in the picture above. My room is such a mess... XDD

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