artikgato (artikgato) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Three-in-one Post: auctions, sales and custom commissions!

Today I bring you some kids for auction and sale, a shop update, and I'm open again for custom plushies! Exciting!

Shiny Butterfree, Clear Porygon, and Flareon are up for auction starting at $2. The auction will end Sunday, October 14th, at 10pm EST. Shaymin, Masquerain and Magikarp are up for straight sale for $2 each. All of them have small, barely noticeable marks and smudges from general handling, but the Flareon and Magikarp do have bigger smudges near their mouths.

I've also updated my shop with a ton of new cards. Check it out!

And finally, I am opening my custom plush slots again! I'm currently running a sale: if your plush can be made entirely of fabrics I already have on hand I'll waive the materials cost, effectively giving you a 50% discount on the plush! Click the banner for more info:

Tags: auction, butterfree, cards, flareon, kids, magikarp, masquerain, porygon, sales, shaymin
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