Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

N question and simple bw2 picture~

I just wanted to ask a quick question about N merchandise. What is the best way to search for it on ebay and such? Since his name is 'N' the search bars are always confused since it's so short! Also does anyone have a picture of lots of N items? I am trying to figure out what would be best to get my friend for Christmas and she likes N. I was thinking a keychain or something but I wanted to see what exactly there was. I know there is dot sprite merchandise but I think she'd prefer the merchandise that has the regular art of N... and I know there was special Sugimori artwork on mugs and clearfiles and such but she wouldn't go for those much either. I haven't kept up much with new trainer related merch so I'd appreciate if anyone had pictures of pretty and/or recent N merchandise so I can try to figure out what to get her for Christmas~!!

Also, happy Black and White 2 day to North American peoples :) I went with Black 2 for now. Eventually I'll get White 2 to add to the game shelf!

My son was fascinated with the case for my game, but mostly to use for his train... he'll become a Pokemon lover soon!
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