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Collection update/re-intro!

Hi everyone! I think it's about time for a collection update/re-intro (before the onslaught of Eevee promotion)!

My name is Hannah, and I'm a 17 year old college student in the United States! I've been a member of PKMNCollectors since last December, but I lurked for a bit before then. My favorite Pokémon are Ponyta, Eevee & the Eeveelutions, and Zoroark.

Why? Well, my boyfriend, ponytazoroark, loves Ponyta and so now I do too. I love his shiny version the most!

I've always been a fan of Eevee because he just looks adorable and can actually hold his own in battle! Plus, I love brown, and foxes. xD

The way that Eevee can evolve into so many different Pokémon is awesome, and I love their similarities and differences. If you asked me which Eeveelution was my favorite, I'd say all of them - it's really hard to choose!

As for Zoroark, my favorite animal is the wolf, and there's some resemblance there. I love her mane and the fact that she comes off as "werewolf". She also had an amazing role in her movie. I'd always liked her design from the start, so once I officially became known as Zoroark on RuneScape, I knew I had to start a collection of her!

I'm picky when it comes to collecting all these cuties, so my collection may look small. Still, I am very happy with it! But enough talking, let's get to the pictures! (Sorry in advance for the crappy photos)

Derp, Flareon's eye is reflecting off the clear file making Eevee look like he has three eyes xD

First up are the plush! The large Takara Tomy Zoroark is just amazing. Lots of detail. The only things that would make her better are if she was minky and if her arms didn't stick out like she's doing the chicken dance xD

Then of course, I have a Japanese Zoroark Pokédoll. How could I not? She's beautiful too!

I also have a Nintendo World Zorua Pokédoll, who faceplants like nobody's business unless I'm very careful adjusting him to stand X3 He was a gift from ponytazoroark!

My only Eevee/lution plush is my Japanese Flareon, but she won't be alone for long. The Kanto Eeveelutions are definitely my favorite Pokédolls out of the group!

I also collect tags! You can see them all here except one - poor Zorua's tag was ruined by an evil sticker :c One day I'll find another American Zorua tag to display (if you have one, let me know! I'd love to buy it from you).

Here's my charm stand. I have the Pokémon Center Sapporo double-sided Eevee, full National Dex Eevee/lution group, National Dex Zoroark, and a Johto Dex Ponyta. As you can see, I also have some adorable customs - Focus Band Eevee is from reilaa, and Pokédoll Eevee from winterwish!

I have a small coin collection too. That PKMNCollectors pathtag is just awesome, I can't wait for the second batch and the years to come! The other ones are foil coins from TCG theme decks. So shiny!

These are my clear files. I absolutely love the design of these. Who's missing? Jolteon and Glaceon - I shall have them someday!

Aaaand, my binder of cards! I'm sorry to say that I have no easy way of displaying these. I would scan them all, but my scanner cuts off anything at the edge (don't they all do that?) so I can't get them perfectly aligned. So for now, here are some crappy photos!

I have every English Eevee card to date! I'm just going to show you guys the Eevee cards today so I don't blow up your computer with photos. But rest assured, once I get around to making a collection website (and I will definitely do it, most likely after the whole Eevee promotion), I'll have an easier way to display my whole collection of cards.

Also, look what just came out today! I have obtained my very own copy of White 2, as well as some release bonus goodies! I don't collect the posters or coin, and I won't need anything I pull from the tin, so if you're interested, take a look below :3

I was granted sales permission on 2 March 2012 by entirelycliched
My feedback page is here!
All pkmncollectors rules apply!
I accept PayPal only!
I ship from the United States!
If you'd like anything please include your ZIP code or country!

Keldeo posters $1 each - colorful posters for you Keldeo fans out there!

White Kyurem commemorative coin $10 - this is a very beautiful coin. The photos just don't do it justice! It's a nice size, and heavy too. It's sealed brand new in package, which includes a plastic case! Sold!

Mewtwo tin - $1

Mewtwo is $5, the others are $0.50 each

Ninetales is $2, the others are $1 each
Sold: Manectric

Also, here's a link to one of my journal pages where I stockpile pictures and release dates of upcoming things in the Eevee promotion! Feel free to take a look c: (And also tell me if I'm missing anything! On that note, can anyone read Japanese? Your help would be greatly appreciated!)

Last but not least, my boyfriend is having troubles joining the community. It was so long ago that I don't remember joining myself. Do you have to be approved as a member to make a post? I feel like he requested to join a while ago and is still unable to post or see posts. Any info would be a great help!

Thanks for looking! <3
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