Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Black out!

So I heard about a sale going on at Toys-R-Us! I had somewhere to go today and there was one close by. So Sawk and I headed out on an adventure to check it out!

There were indeed sales! *0* most of the good stuff had been cleaned out already, but I snagged a few good things! Namely being Black2 (I was planning on buying it later in the week, but jumped on the sale)
Already started playing and I love it so far <3
and oh? who's this I found there as well?
Zorua! I've been looking to get one lately, and seeing it there it was almost like destiny! (and what a deal! I paid literally only $2 for the little guy <3 )
then of coarse I got a deck as an early b-day present for a friend (I'll need to tweak it a bit) along with some booster packs. And with the game it came with a collectors coin! It's so cool and any pictures I tried taking of it don't do it justice. I'm not sure if GameStop or Target are giving them with the game as well, but since I was already there how could I pass up all these goodies?

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