kawaiiouji (leavanny) wrote in pkmncollectors,

UPDATES (Buggy GA and Nintendo World Store Run)

Hello! I have some news for you guys!

For Buggy Ga

I finally received the invoice! We made JUST enough to win so no major discounts.

HERE is a link to the invoice 


HERE is a link to the spreadsheet 

If you have any questions feel free to message me! I except payment in the next two days! Also the way you should format your payment message-wise is
xxxxxxusernamexxxxxx's Buggy GA Payment

blabhbalbhalbhalbhlahlb i won _______________ thank you ballajbjabkbla

As long as the basic idea of what is bolded is there then I will be happy!

Thank you!

For store pick-ups update

It wasn't as bad as the Leavanny suggests but... I was a little upset.

When I went to Nintendo World I was unpleasantly surprised to find that a vast majority of the plush was depleted (or to me it looked rather lack-luster). I checked maybe five times and asked one of the associates if that all the stock was there.
They told me what they had is what they had. Because of this...I was unable to obtain some of your requests. I have already issued refunds for all of you who needed one, so your money should be coming back to you in the next 3-5 days. But for clarity sake let me inform you what has happened

xren I'm SO sorry. But I was not able to get Cyndaquil OR Snorlax. :( I have issued you a full refund and still will leave you positive feedback!

dinosaurgomeow I was able to get Ducklett, but sadly Turtwig DX was out of stock. I have refunded you your money...and I'm sorry that I was unable to get you one.

ana_kfp I was able to get Celebi, but Jolteon was out of stock. I have refunded your money!

soiledpoetry As I said above, I was not able to find a Cyndaquil in the store, however I was able to obtain Regigigas and Elekid! I have refunded you for Cyndaquil! (Also! I will be more than willing to leave you feedback once I figure shipping totals!)

youngsterjosep Cyndaquil was out of stock, BUT I was able to get you Blitzle!

When I was at the store I was really upset...I assumed that everything would be there, so I took the precaution of taking a personal inventory list of what is currently there as of Sunday (here) 

Likewise, (because it costs me maybe $5 to go there and back) I plan to do a quick checkup on the store before doing a run.

Thank you for being really helpful and gracious for participating with me on my first store run!

I will be shipping everything out on Thursday, so a shipping payment post will be popping up in the next few days!


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