ShoelaceKid (quackamajackers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Delibird GA Update

I just wanted to make an announcement that everyone could see. The Delibird GA has not gotten to me yet, as it is coming from Australia to my home in New York with Sea Mail. I cannot make it come any faster, and I'm really just waiting for it to come to my door step. Two people have opened disputes with me about this, and I have gotten zero contact from any mod or member about it before hand. If anyone has questions or concerns, I am here to answer and talk to you.

Edit; I didn't specify before that it would be sea mail, and that is my fault for not saying so. But I did post something saying that it would be a while to get here in a previous post. 

Another edit!: The disputes have been resolved, and all is fine. But I'd like to keep this up here so everyone knows whats up with the GA!

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