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quick weeding sales!

Hey PKMNCollectors! I'm moving house soon and changing my collection around a bit, so here's some weeding sales for you!

Since I'm moving soon, I'd love to have this stuff outta' here relatively fast. So I've priced everything to include shipping within the US. There's some Breloom stuff (including a Zukan!), some other Zukans, figures and a few clearfiles -- including the BW2 Release clearfile and the Year of the Dragon clearfile, both of which were fairly popular! Anything not sold here will probably go to Ebay, so grab 'em now if you're interested.

* I was granted sales permission on 8/8/2012 by allinia, & here's my feedback!
* I ship internationally from North America. I ship out the day after payment is sent.
* Default shipping is USPS First Class in a bubble mailer. Please ask if you want any additional shipping measures to be added (insurance, delivery confirmation, etc).
* My home is smoke-free and pet-friendy. The cats are generally kept far away from any items, but please take care if you have allergies!
* Payments via Paypal in USD.
* I am not currently accepting trades.

(This sales post is closed, and is only open for archival purposes.)
Breloom Zukan$55 shipped (Includes insurance.) Discount: $45 SHIPPED TO US SOLD
Poliwag Zukan - $35 shipped Discount: $30 SHIPPED TO US
Dunsparce Zukan - $20 shipped Discount: $15 SHIPPED TO US SOLD
Togekiss Zukan (Baseless/pegless) — $15 shipped SOLD
Mareep Zukan (Seems to be the European version; the finish is "shinier".) — $15 shipped SOLD


3-12012-10-08 11.10.02
Bottlecap Figures Lot (Samurott, Emboar, Serperior + Oshawott) -- $10 shipped to US SOLD
Would like to sell together unless there's interest in all of them separately.

3-22012-10-08 11.10.31
Pichu Lot — $5 shipped SOLD
Would like to sell together unless there's interest in all of them separately.
Gizamimi Pichu Chou Get, Arceus movie figure, Pichu clipping figure (note that the figure is glued to its base so that it doesn't fall!) and Pichu Water Squirter.

3-32012-10-08 11.09.40
Shroomish + Breloom Dex Figures Lot — $8 shipped SOLD
Would like to sell together unless there's interest in them both of them separately.
Shroomish doesn't have the little paper insert that has its name and footprint. D:

Jakks Breloom — $4 shipped SOLD

Galvantula Clipping Figure — $7 shipped SOLD


* All clearfiles will be shipped in a bubble mailer with cardboard backing to prevent bending.

4-42012-10-08 11.15.10
BW2 Release Promo Clearfile, Year of the Dragon Clearfile  — $15 shipped to US/each SOLD
4-32012-10-08 11.15.05
Baby Pokemon Clearfile, Ampharos Clearfile — $10 shipped to US/each

This sales post is closed, so I'm closing comments.
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