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Looking for some stuff!

Alright so today i'm looking to see if anyone has any of these items for sale! c: I obviously can't purchase all of these at once since I can't afford to buy everything on this list all at once, but i figured that i would see if anyone had any of these available for sale right now. Right now i'm looking for these:

1. Cobalion tomy plush
2. Cobalion pokecen plush
3. Cobalion pokedoll
4. Cobalion figures
5. Samurott pokecen plush
6. Samurott pokedoll
7. Serperior pokedoll
8. Zekrom pokedoll
9. Reshiram pokedoll
10. emolga tomy plush
11. Sewaddle tomy plush
12. large oshawott tomy plush
13. snivy talky plush
14. oshawott talky plush
15. emolga talky plush
16. oshawott type focus plush
17. emolga type focus plush
18. zoroark tomy plush
19. Zorua lottery plush
20. blitzle tomy plush

Also, ANY pair pikachu items =D 

I do apologize for the huge list.. x.x i just figured that a lot of these wouldn't be available at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

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