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Hello everyone!

Hi, I'm new to this community and was hoping to introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. I've loved Pokemon ever since I was a little kid and my first plush was a Squirtle, actually it was a whole bunch of Squirtle plushes that worked as a little candy bags as well as a plush and one large glossy one that I think is supposed to go into water that I got during a Christmas party. From that point on I've always collected little plushes whenever I could find them but I really got determined to start collecting seriously when I bought a Lapras pokedoll at Epcot. That plush basically encouraged me to go on a mission to catch all my favorites.

I'm currently out to get at least one item of each of my favorite Pokemon, I have most of them by now but I've been having problems finding a Jolteon plush and an Umbreon plush that are legitimate and not just bootlegs. I really want official merchandise of the two and so when I saw the "I Love Eevee" campaign I was super excited! This leads me to my question, I've found a couple of websites that claim to sell "I Love Eevee" merchandise but I'm not sure if they are reliable. Do you know if these sites are reliable? If they aren't do you know of any that are reliable? I'm currently just looking for Jolteon and Umbreon and I'm just looking for the plush keychains of each and the plush DX versions of each, I know that most of them haven't been released yet but some o the sites offer pre-order options.

Thank you all so much for reading this and for helping me out! I hope to get a camera soon and show how much I've collected already. Thanks again and it is a pleasure to meet you all!

Here is the list of websites I'm unsure about:

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