Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

The Doctor: ........... I want my lawyer.

Gin: *plops 15 sky forme shaymins into basket in a row*
Staff: *staring* D....don't you like this one even a little? *holding up normal Pokedoll*
Gin: Oh!! I like it, it's just... don't you know Sky Forme was an international phenomenon?! People have been freaking out about it all month! There was even a Ken Sugimori copycat who drew a fake one and caused a huge scandal! People have been clinging to every scrap of news about Sky Forme Shaymin!!! Every last SCRAP!! It's an international craze!!!
Staff: Wow.... *looks at regular Shaymin pokedoll* *makes a sad face and pets it gently*

AND NOW! do you want THIS shaymin sky FOR-MAY charm in with your plushie order? you can! get them while they are overhyped!!! i have five available! SOLD OUT! sorry!!!

LOOK! i got magnemite keshipoke! yaaaay! i dont even collect magnemite that hardcore but... i think this baby needs to go on my deskk :DDDD

Staff: *ringing up keychains* Customer-sama, did you make a mistake? *holds up single Magnezone charm in a sea of Shaymin*
Me: No, I love magnezone! I'm not even a Shaymin fan really.
Staff: ....... Sure! *looking so damn confused*

Tags: plush, raikou, shaymin
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