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Quick Custom Scolipede Auction!

Hello everyone! I came here with a quick auction for a custom Scolipede sculpture with base! This is a quick auction and will end in a little less than 3 days!


Auction Info:
- Auction will start at $20! Please bid in increment of $1, and will end on Saturday 13th October at 11pm Hong Kong time (GMT +8) , all community rules apply, including no sniping. Let me know if you are unsure of the ending time and I will include a counterdown timer ^^;
- Auction price does not include shipping/ fees. The final price would be $3 + your original bid, I will cover the rest of the fees. Please note that I cannot provide proof of postage, it just costs $2 to add tracking to anywhere.
- I am shipping from Hong Kong and I will ship Scolipede in bubble wrap in a small box! I will try my best to protect it but sometimes things happened :( You can easily fix damages with super glue though.
- I need payment 48 hours after auction ends, but if you can get payment to me in 24 hours after the auction ends I will be able to pack it on Sunday and bring it to my work place and ship the next day. Otherwise I won't be able to ship it until Friday ^^;

About Scolipede!
- Scolipede is 100% hand sculpted with a mix of Coloured Sculpey III and Fimo Polymer Clay
- It comes with a custom grassy base that is removable
- Scolipede is about 3.5cm tall and 4cm long, these counted to the tips of the antennas
- Base is an oval shape and measures around 3.5cm x 4cm on longer ends
- I prefer having no finished to my sculpts but if you want I can add a glossy finish with Sculpey gloss glaze
- The sculpt is a bit darker in person than the photos, as I have to adjust the levels slightly or else you can't really see things clearly thanks to my crappy camera :x

More pics! (You can right click -> View image to see larger picture)




And a swadloon kids figure as a size reference, obviously they aren't impressed with each other.

Tags: custom, scolipede

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