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A belated intro post

First of all, I'll tell ya'll a bit about myself to get intros out of the way

My real name is Brandon, but I prefer to be called Bacent (Bay-cent). Either one works, but I pay more attention to the ladder, so I may miss it if you call me Brandon.

I live in 30189 Georgia in the US, so if I buy anything from you and I forget to post my zipcode or anything for shipping to see how much it costs, it's on here as well. (Really forgetful here, so I'm always writing down notes about what I do online. If I forget to put anything in a post of mine in any of your threads, feel more than free to PM/Email/Contact me on skype about it. I'm online most of the time I'm at home)

My favorite pokemon by far are Charmeleon and Raikou. So if you happen to be selling anything with them, there's a good chance you'll see me post if I have the money to

I'm addicted to RPGs like Pokemon (Durr), Legend of Dragoon, Final Fantasy, KH Series, Tales Of Series, and a few others

I tend to type like how I talk, so my wording can be a bit confusing at times.

Feel more than free to get my Skype/MSN Messenger info if you wanna chat. 

And cause I don't wanna picture spam, I'm just gonna leave a link to my photobucket folder with pictures of my pokemon collection stuff with the password so you can all view the folder (Password: Chefmeleon)

So here's a list of stuff I'm looking for:

Battrio Coins I Don't have - Promos. The ones with the ribbons on them. Unusual pokeballs (Like timer, safari, dive, ect. All the unusual pokeball ones). Legends.

Battrio Coin cases/holders (Like this one below. Holds about 20 coins and comes with a memory key)

Pokemon Tretta - I've only recently started hunting these down, so if you have anything Tretta related feel more than free to message me with a link to where you're selling them

Anything with Charmeleon or Raikou seeing how they're my favorite pokemon

I'm not much of a seller, but I might do trades in the future. But for now I'm just a buyer for when I have a bit of money to spend

But yeah, that's about it for now. I'm off to play my no-save walk-through of Pkmn Colosseum 
Tags: charmeleon, raikou

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