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Pixel Icon Commissions

Okay so this is my first sales post here, so here it goes

This is a Sale for 100x100 Pixel Art Commissions for 10$ each.
(At this time I am only accepting Paypal Payments!)
I've recently done a few commissions for members of the community, so I'll use these as examples:

for juumou
for denkimouse
for happyjolteon

Current Feedback Thread

I can do trainers, I just feel I don't do them very well haha.

How this will work, basically just comment if you're interested and what you would like. Once I've confirmed you have a slot, please email me what you would like for you icon to armaina [at]
I will send you a small sketch of the icon before I 'pixelize' it, so that the overall pose/layout can be determined before hand as I do not want to make major alterations to the pixel icon after it's already been made. (believe me it'll be faster for both of us haha) I don't mind changes after it's been made, as long as they're minor.

Each 100x100 Pixel Icon is 10$
(Not accepting trades at this time though, of course next time I post, I probably will)

If you want to commission 2 icons, this will take up 2 slots and so on, as the slots are mostly just to balance my workload. I will be closing off commission sign ups on Thursday

Available Slots:

1. denkimouse
2. dingerroxxors
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