night_requiem (night_requiem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lots of birdy wants

Since I have been really good with saving my money I have given myself a pokemon merch budget haha.

First on my list is the Pokecen Pidove Plush, US or Japan version doesn't matter. Doesn't need a swing tag but should have a tush tag at least. I'm hoping not to spend too much on him as I had bought one previously for a really good price, but I'm pretty sure he has been lost in the mail ): Hopefully partying it up with all the other lost mail haha.

I'm also just after any pidove line & starly line merch(wingull & murkow line to a lesser degree) in general. I may even buy stuff I already have, esp pidove because I have a friend that loves pidove too! Here's sort of an idea of what I'm looking for:
Pidove line zukans
Metal figures
Metal & plastic charms
Misc gaschapon & chou
Pretty much open to anything

There are also a few non-bird wants that aren't crazy urgent but I still want them haha.
Keldeo pokedoll
Winter/brown darling mpc
Cherubi jakks plush

Please note that I live in Australia, so if you could provide shipping if you offer a price :D If they're smaller items I'll probably be more interested if you have a couple of items as it gets expensive to ship a bunch of little things, however theres still a chance I'll buy them regardless haha.
Tags: pidove, starly, wanted

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