Charm (lady_avii) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auction reminder! plus a quick question.

Just wanted to remind you all that my auctions are ending in about 23 hours. Auctioning Lord Wail, Sherlock Eevee, and 1 custom sculpture slot. 

Click >>here<<

Also I was wondering about the charms I made in my other post a few days ago. Are the prices to high? Or should I work on getting more experience before I do commissions? I did make a few other octillery charms in different colors and a vulpix cupcake. Can see that post here.

How do you mail posters? I have some I would like to sell, but not entirely sure how is best to ship them. Tubes for posters I thought would be best, but the tube alone cost ~$2each. Is this how most people send posters?

Last is the sales plug, I have plush, pokedolls, and worlds 2012 merchendise.
Tags: auction, sales

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