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Corphish Pokedoll for Trade + (Offers?) + Happydance GA Update

First, I would like to give an update on the Happydance GA. We did not raise enough money to place a bid. For that, I'm sorry :(. I wish you all best of luck in future group auctions.

Secondly, I have a 2005 Corphish Pokedoll for trade/partial trade (towards something that I want from my wants list) or offers if requested. I was granted sales permission on Wednesday, October 4th from dewott. My feedback is here. I ship from Oklahoma, USA.

Corphish Pokedoll

So, I might leave this guy up for offers if people would like to see him up for actual money offers, but I am definitely looking to trade him towards something that I want, or partially trade him towards an item that I want.'

He is in great condition and only has his tush tag, which has a little 'stain' on the INSIDE of the tag, not on the outside. There are no rips, tears, or stains on the pokedoll.

I would like to see if I can do a trade/partial trade before I actually put him up for money offers if possible. If this is not allowed, feel free to let me know ^.^.

Major Wants List:
(a lot of my wants are on THIS LIST)
Pokemon Center Mew Plush
Houndour Pokedoll
Houndour/Houndoom Zukan
Houndoom Paki Paki
Houndoom Battle Museum
White Kyurem Pokedoll
White Kyurem Pokemon Center Plush
White Kyurem Takara Tomy Plush
Reshiram Pokedoll
Umbreon Canvas 
Absol Pokedoll

There are more on my wants list linked above.

Bigger picture:

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