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Post full of TCG-ness!

Hi, Everyone!

This is a multi-purpose post of card-ness!

1) Today I bought two Dragon Vault blister packs. ^^ I got all the cards I wanted except Haxorus, which I was able to trade for. :D To complete the set, I'm only missing Latias and Kyurem. I doubt anyone has Kyurem to trade since that's the Ultra Rare, but does anyone have Latias? I'm also kinda looking for the promo stamped Druddigon and maybe the stamped Latios/Latias too.

Here's my available cards from the set:

#1 Dratini x1
#2 Dratini x1
#6 Bagon x1
#7 Shelgon x1
#8 Salamence x1
#12 Axew x1
#14 Fraxure x1
#15 Fraxure x1
#16 Druddigon x2
#20 Super Rod x1

Also, does anyone know how many different wrappers there are? I have Haxorus, Rayquaza, and Druddigon. And I might be getting Salamence and Dragonite soon.

2) The TCG GA arrived! I was really surprised to see this package so soon. It was an awesome surprise. I was a bit appaled at the packaging though. O: I didn't take pics but the cards were in SOFT sleeves inside cardboard inside bubblewrap inside a large envelope. All that is great except the SOFT SLEEVES...I was like WHAT?!?! I immiedately took my Mew out...inspected it and put it in a hard case. All the cards arrived in excellent mint condition and have been place in hard cases.




3) Korean Dark Rush

Last Sunday, I opened 1/3rd of my Korean Dark Rush booster packs on my Livestream. Thanks for those that watched! ^^ I pulled a Tornadus EX in my first pack. lol. Which was funny to me 'cause that was the only EX card I got when I opened my Japanese Dark Rush campaign packs. The stream ended abruptly after opening the 11th pack in which I got an Entei EX. It was said that "the pure awesome-ness of Entei 'caused the internet to die." lol.

I ended up opening the rest of the packs that night and pulled a Raikou EX...which I was very happy about. :D I didn't get any fullarts but I'm happy with the Entei and Raikou EXs. :D The Tornadus is up for sale/trade, btw.

I was going to post pics of all the cards (including duplicates) I got, but I think I'm going to wait until my next (and last for now) Korean box arrives. I was wondering if anyone else has any Korean Dark Rush cards, though. I'm looking for a few to complete my Pokemon lines.

(Also - random...this must have been the week for EX cards for me because I bought a Keldeo box and got a Terrakion EX in one of the Dragons Exalted packs. :D)

4) I'm not sure if anyone else collects foreign cards as much as I do, i but I noticed last night that I have Jungle Meowth in 7 different languages. I'm wondering if anyone knows how many languages that set was released in? I'm pretty sure I'm missing Korean and Porteguese...but I'm not sure if there's more than nine. I also have Eevee in six (missing Japanese, Korean, and Porteguese (I think)).

5) Some TCG wants (would prefer to trade, but might buy):

Purrlion - Plasma Gale

Liepard - Cold Flare/Freeze Bolt (whatever set Liepard is in. lol)

Servine - McDonald's 2012 promotion card

Skyridge - non-RH

+ Will also look at any RH and foreign language Houndours.


Aquapolis - Holo

Aquapolis v2

Unseen Forces to replace my non-mint one

Team Magma's Houndoom

Dark Houndoom PRERELEASE

+ Will also look at any RH and foreign language Houndooms.


Legendary Collection - RH and regular

Delta Species - non-RH

+ Will also look at any RH and foreign language Eevee.


Base Set 2

Legendary Collection - RH and Regular


Bulbasaur Deck - only available in Japanese

CoroCoro Promo - only available in Japanese

National Beginning Set - - only available in Japanese (for now)

Will also look at any RH or foreign language Meowths.


Base Set 2

Legendary Collection - RH and Regular


Vending Promo - only available in Japanese

Squirtle Deck - only available in Japanese

McDonald's Promo - only available in Japanese

CoroCoro Promo - only available in Japanese

Will also look at any RH or foreign language Meowths.

Also looking for Persian, Growlithe, Arcanine, Vulpix, Ninetales, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon...and others from Base Set 2 and Legendary Collection.


Ruby and Sapphire

BW Promo - only available in Japanese (for now)

Minun and Plusle

Minun EX Dragon

Minun Secret Wonders

Minun Magestic Dawn

LaRousse Minun - only available in Japanese

Plusle EX Dragon

Plusle Majestic Dawn

LaRousse's Plusle - only available in Japanese

Also looking for the purple (multi-colored) Mew and Team Rocket TCG coins.

And English versions of these lamincards (actually any language other than German since I already have those. XD!) - http://i46.tinypic.com/98h6kn.jpg

Thanks for reading!

~ Risha
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