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Shipping Update and Poster sale

Hello to all! I have yet to ship out everyone's packages because of some personal issues. I had planned on shipping everything out today, but after what happened to me last night, I needed rest. So, with that said, I will ship everything out on Monday without a doubt. I'm terribly sorry for the delay and thank you for being so patient. *bows*

Now, I have two posters for sale. Both are Pouchama/Piplup 'lution related. They are medium sized and are still wrapped in plastic. They were/are advertisements for the new Banpresto plush. They are $2 each. Please inquire about shipping if you're interested. I will have to fold them some more in order to fit them into a decently sized shipping envelope. Or I can have them shipped in a document envelope. I did that when mailing Gin's Raichu poster and it seemed to work out fine. It's up to you, really. :) Pictures are under the cut. Thank you for looking. BOTH ARE SOLD!

Close-up of poster:

This is a first come, first serve basis. Once they are gone, that's it.

And just for collection purposes, here's a pic of the poster I'm keeping:

Very cool, eh? :3

By the way, the booth I work at has every single plush advertised on these posters. If you're interested in a certain plush, let me know. I plan on getting Salamence and Starpator myself. :3 The plush are just so cute! The Heracross one is cute as hell, too. Also, the booth has Mime Jr. and Bonsley plush in stock. They run at $16 each, including tax.
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