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A Little Collection Update

Hellloooooo everyone :D here's a tiny update 

Yay my love for bulbasaur is starting to manifest itself! It began with Boa the fuzzy derp on the right. Dane~Da is the wlky Bulba in the middle he is soooooooo cute I love him to bits he's from my very first Yahoo Japan Auction :D and finaly on the end is Awa, I can't get over how tiny she is just to cute for words C: I got her from Ladylale's GA 
Also here's a pic of my home away from home collection that sits at the top of my bookshelf :D Peaches the Raichu, Prince Loki the Arcanine, Toboe the Poochyena, Crany the Cranidos, and Steve Rodgers the Shieldon :) my bootleg Axew and Fraxure live at the end of the shelf.
Chie and Ears hang out with me for easy cuddability ^W^
Thanks for reading I hope you guys liked my little update Have a great Thursday everyone! C:

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