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Re-re-Introduction and Kecleon Collection Update

There has been a lot of re-introduction posts in this community lately, and I figured I might as well join in on the fun! So presenting for the second time in two years, my re-re-introduction post...! Yeah, that sounds right! :D

Hello, my name is Drew. :3 I originally joined this community in late 2007 under the username candycafe. I have collected many different Pokémon over the years, but for the past year or so, I have focused solely on my all time favorite, Kecleon. I made a post similar to this two years ago in June of 2010 and I was planning on making this post on the same day this year, but life complications got in the way.

I guess I should start with a little about my Pokémon journey. I have been a fan of the Pokémon franchise since it came to the United States in the late 90's. When I was young and was first introduced to Pokémon, my favorite Pokémon was Bulbasaur. As each generation was released, I began to love new Pokémon from every generation, and I developed a fondness for grass and normal types. When I first joined this community, I had decided to collect merchandise of every grass type Pokémon... I soon realized how terrible this idea was seeing as how I was 17 and had no money. After a year or so, I settled on a few favorites (Kecleon, Spinda, Smeargle, Togetic, and Chinchou) and then solely on Kecleon. Kecleon has been my favorite Pokémon since it was first introduced in 2001 and my main collection since 2008.

This community has been amazing in helping me obtain the collection I have today. I have met so many amazing and helpful friends in this community and I wouldn't have most of the stuff I have now if it weren't for them. When I first started collecting Kecleon, I thought the only merchandise available was the kid figure, the zukan, the BK keychain, and the plush. After five years of collecting. I have come across three plush, seven-ish figures, and an unknown amount of other things. I like to think my collection is currently complete, but I have thought that three or four times in the past, and each time I was wrong. I don't really post to this community anymore because I only collect one Pokémon and coming across new merchandise for it is rare. But since my last collection update two years ago, I have come across a few rare new items that I would love to share with you guys. :D (Sorry for the super long intro text, btw!)

OH, ALSO! This is my first time ever posting my non-figure/plush collection! I tend to focus my collection on figures, plush, and non-paper items, but I pick up other things as I find them. :3

First off, here is a picture of my main collection!

Some close-ups ~

One of the main reasons for this post was to talk about the three different Kecleon plush I know of. Until about a year or so ago, I thought there were only two Kecleon plush made; the Banpresto UFO catcher plush, and the small Tomy plush. Then, one day, I received a random message from astron telling me about another plush they had. They showed me pictures of it and it looked very similar to the small Tomy plush, but this plush was actually very different. It was made from a different material and was much larger than the small Tomy, though it was made from the same pattern. Astron and I ended up trading for it and I have been meaning to post about it since. :3

Here are pictures of all three plush lined up in a row, and underneath is a close up of their different tags. I hope these comparison images will help fellow Kecleon collectors trying to get a hold of them.

All three plush were most likely sold in 2001. I have seen dates on the Banpresto plush and the larger Tomy plush that confirm this. I am not 100% sure about the year the smaller Tomy plush was sold, but it was sold during Pikachu's PikaBoo promotions which took place in 2001. The larger Tomy plush was sold alone wrapped in clear plastic, while the smaller Tomy plush was sold in a box set with Wailmer, Azurill, and Pikachu. All three Kecleon plush are available on various auction sites, btw. Let me know if you'd like a link and I will message you. :3

Okay, now onto flats (for me this means non-figure or plush items) ~

TCG Cards
Apparently I lost my Japanese Mirage Forest card. :(

Pins and Keychains and Things

Coins and Round Things :B

Other Cards and Stickers and Things (Back)

Various Pikachu's PikaBoo Merchandise - Front

Various Pikachu's PikaBoo Merchandise - Back
The coin has Kecleon on the back but the lighting makes it is hard to see. :(

Kecleon Settei and Custom Birthday Card
My bff made me this birthday card and it is one of my fav Kecleon items. <33

Other Stuff (Trozei Magnet, Stickers, Compass, Notepad)

Thanks for looking! ^^ And sorry again for this post being so image/text heavy!
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