KitsuFireheart (kitsufireheart) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Clearfile Question

Hello everyone! I come to you this time with a question. Does anyone have photos of clear files in action? I would like to see them opened and with stuff inside because I only see pictures of them in front/back of their design but I would like to know how resistant they are (since I've seen their prices reach up a bit I want to know if it's worth it since I plan to use it quite often when I get one).

That's all for this post, not very interesting but I have a collection update in the works and some custom posable Eeveelus I made in the excitement of the new upcoming Eevee merch. :3 So expect those soon.

To end this here is a pic of one of my favorite clear files. I love the night atmosphere it has. I need to get this one soon. After the Eevee craze of course XD It has a pretty cool back cover too.

Do you have any clearfiles you love a lot and that you use? I'd love to see all the different kinds there are! n.n

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