Fawx (ifawx) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone! Introduction+small want :P

I've just recently joined this community, my first and only LiveJournal community actually. A close friend of mine stumbled across you all a little while ago and recommended that I check it out. Having said that, I've been watch all of your amazing posts about your wants and collections and I've just been so impressed! Pokemon has been such a big thing in my life and I've never imagined a place like this where like minded Pokemon fans can gather and collect this way! 

So first and foremost I would like to say thank you all for accepting me into your community :) I'd love it if I could get to know some nice people and help everyone find what it is they're looking for. My collection is very, very small right now as far as merchandise goes, and I hope to expand upon it with your help!

As far as my wants go.. I've been searching so hard for an affordable Growlithe Pokemon Center plush or canvas but they're all JUST barely out of my price range :( Growlithe and Arcanine have always been my favorite Pokemon and if anyone has a Growlithe for sale or knows of one please! I beg of you to let me know! I'm also searching for an American OR Japanese Magikarp plush, but only second to the Growlithe :)

Thank you all again for allowing me to join the community and taking the time to read this, I hope you all find what it is you're looking for or sell what it is you're selling :) 

P.S. To anyone that makes and sells hand-crafted Pokemon merchandise... Wow. Everything I've seen that was hand-crafted here has just blown my mind. You're all so skilled! xD

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