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Auctions! Lots of them.

Allright so I went on a bit of a shopping spree lately so it's time to get rid of some stuff that I don't need or bought on too much of an impulse! 

IMPORTANT: Due to an error with the countdown timer and any confusion it may have caused, I have extended the auction a few hours, It will end at 5PM PST. If this poses a problem for you please contact me.

These are all auctions, mostly because I like to ship everything at once!


*granted sales permission on 02/03/11 by denkimouse*
*New Feedback: Here *

IMPORTANT: Due to an error with the countdown timer and any confusion it may have caused, I have extended the auction a few hours, It will end at 5PM PST. If this poses a problem for you please contact me.

~Paypal only
~Everything is in USD, shipping is not included.
~All pkmncollectors rules apply
~Bid in a minimum of $1 increments
 (If the item starts for $0.50 you may bid in $0.50 increments or more)
~Payments to AkeymaLJ(at)gmail(dot)com
~NO Holds (SORRY!)
~All items are shipped from 92677 (California)
~All pictures are taken by me, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET!
~Backing out of a purchase or bid WILL result in negative feedback.

*If you bid less than the starting price I will consider it an offer. If the auction ends at less than the price, I will consider your offer, but are not guaranteed.

[Right Click for bigger images]

1) Pokemon Night Halloween Charms: Start @ $14.00

These charms are really rare and small, and came as a set with Quagsire with the theme of being "Rin's Pokemon." 
Originally I was going to keep the whole set but I don't plan on getting rid of Quag and these have been sitting in the closet, so may as well let others enjoy!
The charm at the end w/the highest selling bid will get the package it came with. 

2) Aipom Charm: Starts @ $10
3) Girafarig Charm: Starts @ $10

4) Ditto 2009 Pokemon Center Charm: $15

These were sold in blind packages, and it comes with its original "egg" package!
5) 2011 Pokemon Center Scraggy Charm: Starts @ $12

6) Dittocuh and Ditto Charm: Starts @ $8

This pen is from the Pokemon Time promotion and features Charizard, Gengar, Psyduck, and Poliwag.
It's a very nice quality pen and is MIP.
7) Pokemon Time Pen: Starts @ $17

8) MIP Glaceon Chibi Charm: Starts @ $10

Why you sideways scragalicious?

9) Scraggy Pan Sticker: Starts @ $0.50

10) Pair Pikachu Can Badge: Starts @ $5

Lapras Pokedoll, American Version, No Tag.
This plush is in very good condition, she has only been on display, but I can't find what I did w/the tag. 
11) Pokedoll Lapras: Starts @ $15

12) Pokemon Night Memo Pad: Starts @ $13

13) Jellicent Kid MIB: Starts @ $3

So I don't know what all these are, so I gave some silly names. Go by the numbers when bidding if this confuses you!
I've decided to reduce my Lapras collection to one shelf. 

14) Clear Lapras FCS: Starts @ $8

15) Lapras Tomy: Start @ $5

16) Smirking Lapras: Start @ $10

17) Small Mouth Open Lapras: Starts @ $5

18) Smug Lapras: Starts @ $4

19) DX Lapras Kid: Starts @ 8

20) Lapras McD's toy: Starts @ $2

21) Lapras FCS Mouth Open: Start @ $5

22) Lapras in-case figure w/o backing: Starts @ $4

This lot has Tomy key-chain figures and some other random little key-chain figures! 
Some have ball-chains some don't. 

23) Qubone Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8
24) Dragonite Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8
25) Kangaskhan Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8

26) Heracross Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8
27) Ludicolo Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8
28) Hoppip Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $8

This meowth is pretty beat up. 

29) Meowth Tomy Key-Chain: Starts @ $1
30) Oddish Tomy Key-Chain: Starts @ $4
31) Jiggilypuff Tomy Key-Chain: Start @ $4

32) Nurse Chansey: Starts @ $2
33) Clear Orange Munchlax: Starts @ $2
34) Clear Green Munchlax: Start @ $2

This mew bell key-chain is in really nice condition but is missing its metal loop in its head.

35) Mew Bell Key-Chain: Starts @ $2
36) Mewtwo: Starts @ $2
37) Clear Mew and Pikachu Charm: Starts @ $4

38) Little Jigglypuff: Starts @ $1
39) Little Mewtwo: Starts @ $1
40) Little Clefairy: Starts @ $1
41) Little Meowth: Starts @ $1
42) Little Hypno: Start @ $1 
43) Little Snorlax: Start @ $1
44) Little Raichu: Start @ $1

45) Deoxys Normal Form: Starts @ $2
46) Munchlax: Starts @ $4
47) Wobbuffet: Starts @ $3
48) Deoxys Attack Form: Starts @ $1

49) Surfing Pikachu: Starts @ $0.50
50) Sleeping in a Basket Pikachu: Starts @ $1
51) Happy Pikachu: Stats @ $1

This munchlax has something on his back that has a button but is either broken or out of batteries,
I really have no idea what it's suppose to do. 

52) Clear Green Pokeball and Bonsly Charm: Starts @ $2
53) Munchlax Plastic Flat Key-Chain: Starts @ $1

I've also decided to sell this, it's a kids taiyaki maker, but it's plastic so it's meant for the microwave not the stove.
This is USED but CLEAN and has ALL of the parts, including the little paper warpers and instructions.
I used it a lot more when all I had was a microwave. It's fun and makes super easy fun snack if you use instant pancake mix and some jelly or nutella! (more pictures below) 

(lol don't mind the cat-butt)
This is bigger, but not very heavy, I don't anticipate shipping being too much in the U.S. harder to say for overseas. 

54) Pokemon Taiyaki Maker: Starts @ $15


I will pay WELL! for any of these.

Also, I have this puffed out craok but he dosn't have his baby companion :(
If anyone has either the full set or just the coragunk puffed out cheeks zukan piece for sale please let me know! id really like the set... 

I also have charms from the 2011 charm release that I am willing to trade for anything on my wants list:
  • Vulpix line
  • Full Eeveelution line
  • Stunfisk line
  • Zigzagoon line
  • *SHINY* Rayquaza
  • Whiscash line
  • Latias and Latios
  • Mew
  • Full Rotom line
  • Amphours line

Also, a reminder: 
Pokemon Pathtags: 

LINK HERE:  Comment here for a Reservation
These should be here in a few weeks. I only have 18 reservations slots left. 
Reservations made after 120 mark are not guaranteed but please,
still comment there is a chance there may be extras or people who pass. 
I do NOT anticipate having any open sales for these, reservation only. 
Also, the reservation comments help me to decide how many to order for next years tags!

IMPORTANT: Due to an error with the countdown timer and any confusion it may have caused, I have extended the auction a few hours, It will end at 5PM PST. If this poses a problem for you please contact me.

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