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Collection update and quick sale!

Good afternoon, everyone! I'd like to bring a small update along with an item looking for a new home!
I've received quite a few things, so I thought I'd share!

Please be warned of terrible flash-photos ahead!

correctionupdato 009 copyi

correctionupdato 009 copy
So, here is an overview! The two bottom shelves are relatively empty and therefore not very worthy of presenting. I was very happy to finally purchase the 1:1 Emolga plush: I had been wanting to get her for such a long time but always seemed to have other things distracting me, so after a year I finally caved and got her. She's absolutely gorgeous! So soft and cuddly!

correctionupdato 011 copy
I have acquired a few more Keldeos. I love this little guy! ♥ The PokéCen plush has to be my favourite.

correctionupdato 007 copy
Terrakions! I've had the salt rock lamp in my room for a while and only recently realised how perfect it looks with the little rock-fighting brute! I unfortunately cannot plug it in from where it is at the moment... perhaps I could try to devise something.

correctionupdato 012 copy
Of course, Glaceon! I rearranged her a little bit. I'm still not sure if this is how I like it.

Now, for a bonus!
correctionupdato 004 copy
Touya is quite pleased on my phone with his new Snivy companion!

Thank you to those who read; I hope you enjoyed! Now, on another note...

I am also looking to sell my Chillarmy messenger bag, as I simply have nowhere to put it.
correctionupdato 005 copy
I am looking for $30 OBO. Shipping will be $5.50 within the US, and I will ship internationally. 
Please note that I have used it a few times, so there may be very subtle marks on its surface: I have also put pins in the shoulder strap, so there are small holes in them, but they are barely noticeable. 
I have sales permission from lineaalba /denkimouse. I'd really like to give it a better owner! Please let me know if you're interested!

Thank you, guys!
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