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GETTO!!! + sales

OHMIGOSH YOU GUYS!!!! This just came in the mail today!

After searching for like half a year I finally have a budew pokedoll! The only place I've even seen it for sale was on ToyNJoys website, but after reading a post on here I was like, "maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea to try them." But after months I kinda got fed up with searching and emailed their customer service and asked if budew was in stock. They said it was! So I ordered it and prayed that there would be no problems (like that horror story I mentioned before). After a couple weeks of waiting it's finally here and it's so perfect!!! It's like holding a grapefruit XD
Here's the tag
They even went to the trouble of making the blue and red inside the bud (even though it's closed). So much detail and so much pretty are in this! :D

Also I wanted to mention my sales are open again! I've had the plush and figures sections open for a month, but it has been a CRAZY month! I'll be adding the flats and misc. sections in at a later date :)
Tags: budew, sales
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