eeveevulpix2000 (eeveevulpix2000) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Belated Intro from a New member!

Hello! I'm a new member in pkmncollectors, though I’ve been looking around here since like July! My brother is a member here (zaknal93) and he was the one who first showed me this wonderful place :)

 Anyways, as you can probably tell from my username, I'm interested in Eevee! and its evolutions (as are many members here). I’m also interested in Vulpix and Ninetales and any other adorable pokemon that shows up! :D

 I am currently living in the Florida Keys and loving it! I've been into pokemon since I was an infant because both my older brothers were really into pokemon - I was curious and watched them and eventually got into it!

My first pokemon plush was from a toy store and I believe it was a Jakks Happiny plush. :) Anyways I'm glad to be here and I hope to make new friends and new additions to my collection from the community!

Oh golly, I forgot to say anything about my collection, huh? Welp it's not much right now, just a few Tomy figures, marbles, kids, pokedolls, random figures, mini gachapon machines, and 2 metal figures! No pics at the moment since I don’t have a camera haha. Anyways that's it from me and I hope everyone has a nice weekend!  
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