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My Entire Collection!

Hello everyone. I got a few new additions to my collection, plus, I started thinking, I have a lot of pictures of individual pieces in my collection here, but I don't have any of it all together. So I set them all up on their shelves nicely and took a ton of photos! Here is a preview. The rest are under the cut!


First, here are the new additions. I never thought I'd find these! I've literally been looking for them for years!

The Mantine Tomy I got from moguryuu. Thank you, by the way! It's my first purchase from the community! The Forretress, Yanma, and and Magcargo Tomys came from an ebay lot I bid way too much for, but I had been waiting so long for them to pop up that I just had to go for it. I managed to make all my money back, however, when I put the other figures, along with a ton of other doubles I had back up, so I'm happy about that! If the person who bought it from me is here, Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy your figures!


Here is my small plush collection. The Snivy and Servine I got at Nintendo world during my vacation earlier this year. They still have their tags, and they are so soft. The Umbreon pokedoll is another ebay purchase. He is a bit loved but still great! he's my favorite. The Umbreon canvas plush is a bootleg unfortunately. I bought him before I really knew how bad plush bootlegging was on ebay. The rest of the plush were a lucky find during a yard sale venture. I don't really know much about them, as they have no tags to identify their brand.


I finally found a nice way to display these. I got the idea from some of you here that display your trading cards on your wall. I wrapped them in cling wrap so the tape wouldn't damage them.


Here are some Umbreon charms I have. The beautiful shiny Umbreon charm was made by winterwish, but I didn't buy it through the community. The other is from a set that includes all the Eeveelutions, but I only bought Umbreon. He's really the only pokemon I collect outside of the Tomy figures. I'm so excited about all the Eeveelution stuff coming out for this reason!


Finally, here are some pictures of my entire collection. I running out of room!





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