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One-Year Reintroduction

Guys! I've been on here for a year as of the 16th! Whhhhaaaaat?!? WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!? I feel old

Ahem. Anyways, cut to my reintroduction. The reason I'm doing this early is because I won't be home on the 16th to post. X3

Soo, hai everyone. A little bit about myself.. I'm 16 and have been in to Pokemon for as long as I can remember. My first game that I ever owned was Pokemon Yellow version, and I began watching the Anime around the same time I believe. It began my love for Pokemon, especially with the popular duo of Ash and Pikachu. I started collecting cards as a kid, but constantly had them stolen from me or lost in moves. I got to a point where I eventually gave up on Pokemon, around when I entered Middle School, and stuck exclusively to the video games. I was about to give up on the video games too, until by boyfriend asked me one day if I played, and we started playing a bit together. I ended up slowly getting back into Pokemon. One day, I was looking for a 1:1 Pikachu plush to buy that my boyfriend also had, and I stumbled upon this community, so I joined.~

This was my collection when I first joined. Now that I look at it, it was so measly! XD Seriously, you should really look to compare to mine now! X3

Here is my first set of shelves:

photo (78)
Do I know how many Pokedolls I have? ..No. Too lazy to count. XD Last time I counted was about 35 though.

My little bit of Pikachu bag collection:
photo (79)
I loooove Pikachu bags! <3

My 1:1 Totodile, 1:1 Piplup, and Potato the Pikachu sit on my bed because there's not enough room anywhere else. >.>

photo (76)

This is my second set of shelves that is mostly figurines and etc:
photo (80)

I actually keep most of my kids on that shelf, but I decided that my Pikachu kids should take their own special place by the windowsill~
photo (81)
(There's also a few commissioned figurines there that I'm still working on.. X3 )

They're just sooooo cute! Just look at their adorable faces, how can you resist it?!
photo (82)

Something I put a lot of time into is my card collection. Instead of taking pictures of every single card I own, I took pictures of my current Shiny collection:
photo (77)
photo (83)
photo (84)
photo (85)
photo (86)
photo (87)
photo (88)
photo (89)
photo (90)

This is a rather short collection update that's missing some of my items, because I don't have much time. ^^; I really hope you enjoyed!~ This is such a wonderful community, I'm so glad that I have been able to be a part of it!~ <3

Oh, and I also have mini TCG sales of only holos/rev holos/promos

Here's a quick little TCG sale post! But first, the rules:
-Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched
-Feedback is here:
-I ship from Rhode Island, USA
-My home is dog-friendly
-I use USPS for shipping. If you would like tracking/insurance with your package, please let me know. I am not responsible for items once they have been shipped out.
-Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted.
-I accept PayPal. I will possibly accept concealed cash if a partial trade is involved.
-I am willing to trade from my Wants List, located here. Let me know if you're interested in a trade, and I'll either look through your sales post, or link you to my wants post.
-Minimum purchase of $1 is required on TCG purchases.
-When asking for a quote, please link which images the cards you're interested in are pictured. If you don't the first time, I'll have to ask you to go back and get the images. It's a huge pain for me to find the cards if I don't know what image you're talking about. ^^;
-ASK ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE CARD! Some of these cards are in better shape than others, do not assume every card you ask for is mint! XD
-When asking for a quote, I will hold the items in question for 24 hours after I have replied to you. If a full 24 hours has passed and I have yet to hear back from you, the items are back up for grabs. If you need a longer hold or are working out a trade with me, I am more than willing to give extensions. 

Commons are .40, uncommons are .75, and rares are $1 unless otherwise noted!

Promos are $2 and First Editions are priced the same as holo/rev holos.

photo (65)
Ninetales: .50
photo (66)
photo (67)
photo (68)
Ditto: .40 (lots of damage)
photo (69)
photo (70)
Entei: $1.50 (creases)
Poliwrath: .50 (bad scratches)

photo (71)
photo (72)
Fraxure, Shelgon, Dratini, Axew: $1
Bagon: $1.5
Salamence: $2
photo (73)
photo (74)
photo (75)
Thundurus: $4

Also, to everyone in the Toda GA: your packages have been shipped out, with the exception of risha_moon, roolax, o_0digititzdx_x, and nidoqueenpug. I should have them shipped either tomorrow or Monday. ^^
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